Shah Rukh Khan to go naked?

January 9th, 2015 | by MovieInterval
Shah Rukh Khan to go naked?

After Aamir Khan now it is Shah Rukh Khan to go naked in 2015. King Khan himself made a confession that if 2014 saw his abs, maybe next year will have him going full bare on screen. He is the one who took dig on Aamir Khan who stripped nude for PK poster stating, “isse talent mat kaho yaar”.

Wait, before jumping into any conclusion, let us clear the air that Shah Rukh did say he will go naked in 2015 but he instantly took it back and said, “I am joking”.

This came from behind the scene of photoshoot for Dabboo Ratnani Calender 2015, Thanking Dabboo Ratnani on making him look so hot on the calender, Shah Rukh said, “Nobody shoots a body like you do knowing how shy and inadequate i am to show off my physique, you have made my body look so good. Thank you for the bare body shot. Next year maybe we’ll go fully naked. We will try that…. No i am joking. I am not trying that with you also.”

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